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A little about the author

Hello everyone,

My name is Kyler Jesanis and I am excited to start my journey with you all here on The Fantasy Nerdz. I am a born and raised New Englander, and much to the disdain of our Managing Editor Joe, I am a die hard Red Sox fan. I still have a foul ball I caught off the bat of Mo Vaughn. I’ve been playing fantasy baseball for close to a decade, and I am most known for finding diamonds-in-the-rough. Most of my articles will be focused on making bold claims about guys barely on your radar (just wait til you read my first) rather than trying to tell you who to pick #2 after Mike Trout (spoiler…its Jose Altuve). I am always happy to provide advice on your leagues, just email me at with any questions and I’ll be happy to help! Best of luck as you prepare for the 2018 season! Remember flags fly forever, but dynasties are remembered.

All the best,




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