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Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)

DFS is certainly not new, but it is beginning to take over the reigns as the most played style of fantasy sports. I, personally, really enjoy the season-long leagues. I believe it is the best way to prove your sports knowledge is superior by recognizing before the season starts (drafts) who will be the best players, deepest sleepers, and biggest busts that given year. DFS recognizes your knowledge on the day’s given matchups and what players are in best position to exploit those matchups.

It also brings daily winnings into account. Not to sound too cocky, but I generally cash out in some capacity in most season-long fantasy sports leagues. I’m going to discount the dynasty team I took over this year that was headlined by players like Blake Bortles, Gio Bernard, and Robert Woods. But, I did draft JuJu in the first round of my first draft as the owner of the team who appears to be on his way to be a solid receiver in the league. While I wait for the opportunity for Pat Mahomes to get some playing time, I’m going to stand proud beside my 5-8 record this season given the mess that was handed to me. Anyways, daily winnings, right. Even when you regularly cash out in your season-long leagues, that’s a couple payouts a year. Certainly not something you can quit your job over.

But DFS; here is something I’ve read stories about people quitting their day job and doing it for a living. With daily payouts, sometimes rather large payouts, play your cards (or players) right, you can bring in some serious cash. Very intriguing. I’ve fallen prey myself. I’ve fallen in love with Draft because I love the idea of daily snake drafts giving everyone different players rather than the other sites that probably boast hundreds of players with the exact same team. The payouts aren’t as high, generally, but you have an 80% better chance at winning. Play enough, believe me, it’ll add up.

For those of you with the DFS obsession, we do have a writer that has agreed to come on to post some DFS advice and nuggets on a semi-regular basis. It’s something we plan to focus on as it is the booming step-child of the fantasy sports industry.

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Fantasy fanatic. I specialize in football and baseball, but will dabble in basketball as well. I play DFS regularly but I am by no means an expert. I win just enough to keep playing without having to deposit more money. I love talking about everything fantasy so I created this site in the hopes of helping others dominate their own fantasy leagues!

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