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MLB Fantasy – Top 30

Is it possible that after 2 MVP’s and 3 MVP runner-ups, we have  yet to see the best from Mike Trout? I think it’s not just possible, but a guarantee.The 2018 version of Mike Trout will be much different from any we’ve seen before. Let’s review 2017 (and early 2018); Trout missed 50 games with a torn ligament in his thumb, the first time in his 6 full seasons he played less than 139 games (still finished 4th in MVP voting). He spent the offseason getting married to his high school sweetheart. In addition, he’s a very outspoken, very dedicated Philadelphia Eagles fan. The Eagles, who happen to be playing in Super Bowl 52 in two weeks. I believe Trout is the happiest, and most relaxed (that’s saying something) he’s ever been. After a season riddled with injury, he has more appreciation for the fact that he gets to play a game for a very wealthy living.

He’s set to become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the 2020 season. At that time, he will only be 29 years, still in (likely) the prime of his career and due for an astronomical payday. He will get to sit back and watch the money truck dump cash into the laps of guys like Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, and Nolan Arenado in the coming years; all while showing everyone that he is on a different level than even these guys, the stars of the league. Not to mention the fact that he will make a base salary of just over $33 million for the next 3 season while he awaits his chance to pick a team (salary). At this year’s Winter Meetings, 63 baseball ops people were asked what they thought Trout would cost this year, and the responses were staggering. The annual salary ranged from $35-50 million, and the total contracts ranged from 10 years/$400 million to 15 years/$600 million. Yes, there were MLB front office execs who would be willing to give Mike Trout a $600 million contract today, and that’s without the idea of a bidding war that would surely ensue.

Once Bryce Harper signs for $400+ million, and unknown superstar signs for $500 million after 2019, Trout could very easily re-set the bar with a $600+ million deal after the 2020 season. Add the fact that baseball contracts are fully guaranteed, yes, I’d be pretty relaxed too.

Fantasy and fandom aside, sit back and enjoy the show. Not just the absurd amount of money that these guys make, but that we are really seeing something with Mike Trout. I truly believe that if he retired today, he’d be in the Hall of Fame. He’s only 26 years old! This isn’t the same baseball our parents and grandparents grew up watching, but we are witnessing an all-time great. He has the game that would translate into any era, and the humility that makes him the role model of all role models. Like Trout, don’t take it for granted; appreciate him for what he is, the best to ever do it.

Anyways, Mike Trout-jocking aside, here’s my top-30 fantasy players this season:

  1. OF Mike Trout (angels)
  2. 2B Jose Altuve (astros)
  3. 3B Nolan Arenado (rockies)
  4. 1B Paul Goldschmidt (diamondbacks)
  5. SP Max Scherzer (nationals)
  6. SP Chris Sale (red sox)
  7. OF Charlie Blackmon (rockies)
  8. 1B Anthony Rizzo (cubs)
  9. SP Clayton Kershaw (dodgers)
  10. OF Aaron Judge (yankees)
  11. 3B Kris Bryant (cubs)
  12. OF Giancarlo Stanton (yankees)
  13. 3B Manny Machado (orioles)
  14. OF Bryce Harper (nationals)
  15. SS Carlos Correa (astros)
  16. SP Corey Kluber (indians)
  17. 1B Joey Votto (reds)
  18. SP Luis Severino (yankees)
  19. OF George Springer (astros)
  20. SS Francisco Lindor (indians)
  21. C Gary Sanchez (yankees)
  22. SS Corey Seager (dodgers)
  23. SP Madison Bumgarner (giants)
  24. 1B Jose Abreu (white sox)
  25. SP Dallas Keuchel (astros)
  26. 3B Jose Ramirez (indians)
  27. 1B Freddie Freeman (braves)
  28. OF Mookie Betts (red sox)
  29. C Buster Posey (giants)
  30. 2B Robinson Cano (mariners)

I’m starting to get into heavy baseball mode. So expect quite a bit more baseball ranks and articles coming out in the coming weeks and months! Let me know your thoughts here, I love debating sport. As always, follow me on Twitter @joebuttgereit and follow the site to get updates on new articles and posts!


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