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Podcast Announcement!

The Fantasy Nerdz are pleased to announce we are expanding into a new genre: Podcasting! We are on the verge of launching our very first podcast: The Fantasy Nerdz: Fantasy Football w/ Steve and Butter. 

It will be a show hosted by myself (Butter) and the newest member of our team, my cousin, Steve Schaudel. It will be available on a variety of podcasting outlets; anchor, pocket casts, google casts, etc. It will be an interesting dynamic for the two of us as I will be located in Washington, D.C. and Steve will be broadcasting from Las Vegas, NV; but it will be fun, nevertheless.

We will be supplying a weekly hour-long episode covering all the latest news regarding fantasy football. We will be talking drafting a lot over the coming summer months for both re-draft and dynasty leagues, as well as providing significant injury updates as we inch closer to the start of Training Camp.

It will be very informative, but also entertaining. We are both excellent in the art of arguing; so much so that we could possibly lead the audience into believing we are failed law grads turned fantasy football nerdz. We agree on virtually nothing so it should provide an ample amount of entertainment for listeners. The one thing we do agree on, however, is the shared passion for fantasy sports.

We will cover everyone from Aaron Rodgers to Trenton Cannon *hint hint*, and everything from who to draft 1.1 to the deepest of deep sleepers. We love the research and studious aspects of the fantasy sports world and we look forward to passing our knowledge on to as many fantasy footballers as we possibly can, while trying to beat on each other in the few leagues we play in together (there will certainly be weekly updates of our own matchups during the season).

In addition to “The Fantasy Nerdz: Fantasy Football w/ Steve & Butter”, our plan to build ‘The Fantasy Nerdz’ brand is to launch podcasts in the other major sports as well. We are still looking for contributors to write articles in each sport and now hosts of new podcasts that will be launching as the year goes on.

If you are interested in joining in either capacity, please send an email to and we will respond within 24 hours. We will likely ask for a writing sample so please feel free to add that to the initial message.

Once we launch, another announcement will be made! Please give us a follow and a like and I know you all will love the show once it becomes available!


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Fantasy fanatic. I specialize in football and baseball, but will dabble in basketball as well. I play DFS regularly but I am by no means an expert. I win just enough to keep playing without having to deposit more money. I love talking about everything fantasy so I created this site in the hopes of helping others dominate their own fantasy leagues!

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