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QB – Fantasy Top 35

Fantasy Football Draft season is upon us! I’m sure many of you have already begun doing mock drafts as well as a few real drafts. 

This week, I will do a positional ranking for each position, sans any defensive player leagues. I will also do a top 200 overall ranking at the end of the week. Next week, I plan to get into some draft strategies as we approach the final few weeks of the preseason before the fun really starts!

Today, it’s quarterbacks. I don’t believe there are many “surprises” on this list. I believe the quarterback position to be very overrated in fantasy football. You will never see me select a QB prior to the 7th round, unless for some reason Russell Wilson is sitting there in the 5th or 6th round. Especially when it’s a 4-point passing TD league, then I probably wouldn’t take a QB until the 9th or 10th round. But either way, you do need at least one.

Since you are forced to start a QB each week, here’s my top-35 heading into this season:

  1. Aaron Rodgers (packers)
  2. Russell Wilson (seahawks)
  3. Tom Brady (patriots)
  4. Cam Newton (panthers)
  5. Carson Wentz (eagles)
  6. Drew Brees (saints)
  7. Kirk Cousins (vikings)
  8. Alex Smith (redskins)
  9. Deshaun Watson (texans)
  10. Ben Roethlisberger (steelers)
  11. Matthew Stafford (lions)
  12. Andrew Luck (colts)
  13. Matt Ryan (falcons)
  14. Jared Goff (rams)
  15. Jimmy Garoppolo (49ers)
  16. Philip Rivers (chargers)
  17. Marcus Mariota (titans)
  18. Derek Carr (raiders)
  19. Tyrod Taylor (browns)
  20. Case Keenum (broncos)
  21. Eli Manning (giants)
  22. Pat Mahomes (chiefs)
  23. Dak Prescott (cowboys)
  24. Baker Mayfield (browns)
  25. Jameis Winston (buccaneers)
  26. Andy Dalton (bengals)
  27. Sam Bradford (cardinals)
  28. Blake Bortles (jaguars)
  29. Lamar Jackson (ravens)
  30. Josh McCown (jets)
  31. Mitchell Trubisky (bears)
  32. Josh Rosen (cardinals)
  33. Ryan Tannehill (dolphins)
  34. Nick Foles (eagles)
  35. Sam Darnold (jets)

Tomorrow, we’ll have the top-50 running backs. As we get into running backs and wide receivers, the lists may be a bit more controversial. I’d love to hear everyone’s opinions on who may be too low or too high. As you can see, I’m not as high on Jimmy G or Pat Mahomes as others seem to be.

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