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TE – Fantasy Top 30

Our final installment of this ranking series bring us to the tight ends. We won’t be doing defenses and kickers just yet because with injuries and player turnover in the preseason so prominent in these areas, we’ll wait until the final week.

The tight end position is by far the most top-heavy position in fantasy football. It’s also the most confusing position to determine which round is appropriate for TEs.

In the majority of my mock and live drafts thus far, Gronkowski has been the first one taken and generally late in the 2nd round. In my opinion, that’s too early. Not to mention, I think Gronk should be the 2nd TE taken, but that’s beside the point. I can make an argument that Kelce/Gronkowski can go in the 3rd round. I generally don’t do that, as I’d rather have a WR1/WR2 in that spot, but Kelce certainly can put up numbers equal/better to than of a 15th-20th ranked WR. Rob Gronkowski should be in line to light up the stat sheet in Weeks 1-4 while awaiting the return of Julian Edelman but I’m terrified to ever select him for my team because of injury history.

The tight end position is definitely one where you need to get one of the top-8 players to ensure any sort of consistent production, but you may need to keep an eye out for when the TE cherry is broken and select one with your next pick; because generally, once one gets picked, they all fall in line shortly thereafter.

Here’s the full list of the top-30 TEs:

  1. Travis Kelce (chiefs)
  2. Rob Gronkowski (patriots)
  3. Zach Ertz (eagles)
  4. Evan Engram (giants)
  5. Greg Olsen (panthers)
  6. Jordan Reed (redskins)
  7. Delanie Walker (titans)
  8. Jimmy Graham (packers)
  9. Kyle Rudolph (vikings)
  10. Tyler Eifert (bengals)
  11. Trey Burton (bears)
  12. David Njoku (browns)
  13. George Kittle (49ers)
  14. Charles Clay (bills)
  15. Jared Cook (raiders)
  16. Vernon Davis (redskins)
  17. Julius Thomas (dolphins)
  18. Eric Ebron (colts)
  19. O.J. Howard (buccaneers)
  20. Benjamin Watson (saints)
  21. Austin Hooper (falcons)
  22. Austin Seferian-Jenkins (jaguars)
  23. Jermaine Gresham (cardinals)
  24. Cameron Brate (buccaneers)
  25. Ed Dickson (seahawks)
  26. Mark Andrews (ravens)
  27. Virgil Green (chargers)
  28. Vance McDonald (steelers)
  29. Jake Butt (broncos)
  30. Eric Tomlinson (jets)

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