SNF: Fantasy Preview

Sunday Night Football: Dallas Cowboys (3-5) at Philadelphia Eagles (4-4)

What to Watch For:

The Carson Wentz/Dak Prescott rivalry lives on! Ok, it’s not really a rivalry anymore. There’s no question as to who the better quarterback is. There was a reason why Wentz went in the 1st round and Prescott went in the 4th, but hey, Dallas still has the best sideline clapper the game has to offer in Jason Garrett.

As of right now, this game features two teams that are headed in completely different directions. Philadelphia, and Carson Wentz, has been on a roll lately and they’re withing 1.5 games of a battered Redskins team for the division lead. Beating Dallas this week could virtually bury the Cowboys and make the NFC East a two-horse race.

The Cowboys have to figure out a way to score more points if they’re going to have a chance to make a run at the division. The addition of Amari Cooper will certainly help, but Dak has to play better. He is merely a shell of what he was in his OROY campaign in 2016, and it’s evident Zeke can only take this offense so far. It’s hard to win in the NFL without good quarterback play, and Dallas is a prime example. They have a good running game, a good defense, but unless Dak figures it out, they will middle out as a .500 team, at best.

Prediction: Eagles win 30-20.

Fantasy Studs:

WR Golden Tate

Tate has had a pretty good couple of weeks. First he gets traded to a team with a good chance to win a division. Then, he gets to enjoy a second bye week to rest up. Lastly, he gets to play a team that he torched earlier in the season for 8 catches, 132 yards and two touchdowns. Oh, and he’s now on a team that is loaded with weapons in the passing game, and he’s going to shine.

WR Cole Beasley

Amari Cooper had his coming out party with Dallas last week, and Dak made it clear that he wanted to force-feed his new toy all night long. It didn’t lead to a win, however. What will lead to a win, is letting the defense focus their attention on Cooper and star running back Ezekiel Elliott, and taking advantage of matchup nightmare Cole Beasley. He will provide excellent fantasy value tonight, especially in a PPR league.

Fantasy Duds:

RB Ezekiel Elliott

Elliott will be the best player on the field tonight. This is the exact reason that Philadelphia will do everything in their power to contain him. Dak Prescott has made it evident this season that he’s not the superstar quarterback he appeared to be in 2016. If Philadelphia plays their game correctly, they will make sure it is not Elliott that beats them, and puts the ball in Dak’s hands.

WR Alshon Jeffery

Jeffery will be the victim of too many weapons for the rest of this season. With the addition of Golden Tate, Jeffery now becomes the third option in the passing game behind Tate and Zach Ertz. I don’t think there will be enough targets to go around, especially when Tate shows that he’s the best receiver on the team. Try to sell high on Jeffery while there’s still optimism around him, but sit him tonight unless you have nothing on the bench behind him.


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