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Dynasty Football: Post-Free Agency Bargains

The most exciting part of the offseason in my opinion is Free Agency. It’s the best chance for us to find out who is trying to win now and what teams we can expect to see less of in the 2019 season.

I’m assuming if you’re reading a dynasty article then you’ve been keeping up with all of the moves. But if you haven’t been, this is my preferred list of everything that has happened.

Now it’s time to crunch the numbers and see who is going to benefit from all of the now vacated targets and touches and start buying people on the cheap. For all of my fellow fantasy addicts, this means it’s your last chance to make moves before the draft.

Evan Engram, TE and Sterling Shepard, WR | New York Giants

Would it surprise anybody if Dave Gettleman was actually working for Jerry Jones this whole time? The Giants are maybe in a rebuild, but maybe signing a high cost older player in Golden Tate means they aren’t. Either way, the team seems to be a bit lost heading into the new season.

There is now a fantasy fire-sale happening in New York. Eli has shown he is incapable of supporting multiple fantasy relevant receivers at this point in his career and it stands to reason that Golden Tate will be the leading receiver.

Evan Engram and Sterling Shepard have hit their borderline rock bottom of fantasy value and can be had for basically free at this point. So on the off chance the Giants make the right move and draft Eli’s eventual replacement I’m buying in on this team now for cheap. The worst case scenario is the Giants don’t draft the replacement yet and you have to wait for their free agencies (Engram 2021) (Shepard 2020) to get a return on investment.

Eli Rogers, WR | Pittsburgh Steelers

Antonio Brown vacated 167 targets when he left Pittsburgh. Juju already had 165 and it seems unlikely that he can absorb any more. As a result there is going to be a breakout happening on this team.

Vance McDonald has been the most talked about beneficiary of these targets and will likely be worth pursuing. But a cheaper and lesser known option is Eli Rogers. He played in only 3 games last season before he was injured, but had 14 targets and 12 catches.

Now with roughly 10 targets a game to redistribute, the Steelers could find themselves relying on players like Rogers, James Washington, and Ryan Switzer. Washington may have too much residual hype to be had at a cheap price, so it boils down to Rogers and Switzer. But if he can add even 2 targets a game Rogers could turn into a PPR steal for those who invest now.

Maurice Harris, WR | New England Patriots

We’re all always looking for “the next big thing in New England”. The issue is there very rarely is a stand out skill position player, so they all tend to split the load; and while you can’t argue the real world success of this approach, it makes fantasy players very annoyed.

Now I’m not saying Harris is going to be the next Edelman. But he is relatively unknown and going to a new team that may or may not allow him an opportunity to showcase his skills. So if there was ever a time to buy, it is now.

We believed the hype and drank the Chris Hogan kool-aid last year and it didn’t work out. But somebody needs to catch passes for this team next year. Josh Gordon likely won’t be back anytime soon, and Gronk’s injuries seem to have caught up to him. This leaves very little established production outside of Edelman and James White.

Harris has the skill-set to fit in with the Patriots fast paced/short distance passing attack. He has flashed brilliance in less agreeable situations than he currently finds himself in. If he can be had for a reasonable cost, Harris might be able to make a big return on investment.

Geoff Swaim, TE | Jacksonville Jaguars

Geoff Swaim had a monster game toward the end of the season last year in which he caught 3 touchdowns. Now that he is off to Jacksonville, he may find himself in a reliable fantasy-relevant role.

It’s no secret that Nick Foles is a huge upgrade over Blake Bortles. And while the Jags never really had a stand out talent at TE, they target the position relatively heavily.

The team could also see over 200 vacated targets from the departures of Donte Moncrief, Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TJ Yeldon, and James O’Shaughnessy. All of this being said, the whole team is trending up and I’m taking their pass catchers wherever I can, but Swaim could be a true bargain.



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