MLB – Top 100

In honor of the “NFL’s Top 100 Players” list recently being finalized, I decided to put together my own list of “Butter’s Top 100 Players in MLB” to have a little fun and (hopefully) debate. Continue Reading


MLB Top 15 – 1B

For the sake of my mental state, I’m rating players based on their primary positions. Obviously, there are hundreds of players that qualify at 1B in fantasy baseball. I believe the threshold is 10 appearances the previous season to be eligible for a specific position.Continue Reading

Way Too Early Baseball Rankings – C

It’s never too early to start talking baseball. The fantasy football season is coming to a close and baseball is on the horizon. I know, basketball and hockey are in full swing right now, but baseball and football are my true loves. We’ll soon have other writers who are more knowledgeable to talk on those sports, but anyways, baseball. Continue Reading