Top 10 TEs – 2018

The TE position in the NFL continues to be most top-heavy position in the game. There’s a handful of guys that are consistently good, and then there’s about 20 guys that just become matchup plays. Continue Reading


Top 25 RBs – 2018

The RB position had a wild ride in 2017. Whether it was consensus top-2 pick David Johnson ending his season with a broken wrist in Week 1, or Ezekiel Elliott being suspended for 6 games down the fantasy stretch, you needed luck on your side to have a steady RB combination this year. Continue Reading

Way Too Early Baseball Rankings – C

It’s never too early to start talking baseball. The fantasy football season is coming to a close and baseball is on the horizon. I know, basketball and hockey are in full swing right now, but baseball and football are my true loves. We’ll soon have other writers who are more knowledgeable to talk on those sports, but anyways, baseball. Continue Reading